The Bleuetière l'Or Bleu started as a plantation in 1996. We now have more than 6000 blueberry bushes and 3 acres of raspberries. 


  • Blueberries (6 varieties)
  • Summer, black and Fall raspberries
  •  Serviceberries, currants and ribes white pearl
  • Strawberries (at the farm stand only)
  • Cucumbers, zucchinis and tomatoes
  • Cut flowers; sunflowers and others

Business TO KNOW MORE!

Situated in the beautiful region of Stanstead-Est, in the Eastern Townships, the farm is known to have had many vocations before becoming mostly focused on the production of berries. Since its beginning in 1996, the Bleuetière l'Or Bleu now has more than 6000 blueberry bushes and 3 acres of raspberries. Cherries, serviceberries, currants, all add to the range of fruits that are available. Every year, we are happy to welcome you to our farm for self-picking.